A Great Tree Planting Day - Nov 5th - 2023

Thank you Everyone for a Great Tree Planting on

Sunday - Nov 5th 2023- Taylor Creek Park 

(Changed from Nov 4th)

Overlooking the Don Valley Pkwy.  Enter the parking lot from Don Mills Rd

- A Stewardship and Wildlife Habitat Day

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Tree Planting in 2023 

Hello Everyone,

 Looking forward to everyone helping and support the Kiwanis-Scouts Tree Nov 5th Planting event - Taylor Creek.

In May 2023 - With the combination of your support, the great weather, Steve Smith and the Ufora crew and of course the Team at the TD Bank "Friends of the Environment Foundation" whose funding really enables the whole program, we really had a great Urban Forest Stewardship day.

We planted over 200 plants, trees and shrubs, and mulched these and many more. We were so efficient that Ufora had to go back to their yard to get us 35 more for the afternoon!

Pizza was enjoyed for lunch and all the pizza boxes magically disappeared in the Mulching process.


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 Please spread word as appropriate; Scouters, Key Clubbers and Community welcome.

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