Tree Planting

2 Big Tree Planting Events for 2022 after 2 years Away

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The Annual Tree Stewardship at 132nd.

A little Video History of the Seton Woods Stewardship Project

In 1999, The Tiger Patrol @ the 132nd Scouts, laid out several issues that they wanted to address in the project. 

 These leaders presented the idea of a "Seton Wood". The simple idea was that the scouts, as they moved through the sections, would more deeply appreciate their efforts if they could see a greater degree of success over an extended period of time.

They promoted the idea to the scout section with this video. Have some fun & have a look. 

2018-Nov 11 Fall Tree Planting - Scouts & Key Clubbers_Small.mp4

Fall of 2018 - 

Always A Great Day for Tree Steward

Despite what the Weather Man might say

WoodChips - WoodChips

We worked with local contractors to dump their wood chipw (over several years) on our barren meadow.

2019-11-03 Fall Tree Planting Review MOVIE.mp4

Fall of 2019 

A Group of Scouts and Kiwanis Key Clubbers having a great fall day in the woods - Planting, Mulching and More Mulching