132nd Group  "Rover Den" Equipment Review

The Rover Den needs a Clean up

Review the Equipment:

- By Wall & Location in the Rover Den (Click Here).....

East Wall - Camping Equipment - 3 columns - 6 levels

East Wall - Fort George - Uniforms, Guns and lots of fun

West Wall - Sections - Beavers, Cubs & Scouts (and a little hardware)

West Wall - North - Various - Apple Day, Grey Box, Hockey Sticks and Pictures from 70 years

South Wall Book Case - All you need to know about Scouting in Canada

We REALLY need to cleanup the Rover Den at the church.

The 132nd Scout Group Rover Den has been our equipment storage area for over 70 Years.  Currently the Rover Den is full of all kinds of great scout equipment, (all 4 sections) ...

But . . . . We Really Have Too Much Equipment  !!

So...... We remember when:

We want to get back to using  the Rover Den as a meeting room and we think we can donate a great deal of equipment to local Scouts and Guide Groups who are in need of Resources.

What sort of equipment will be available

 Equipment Items (for example)

1. Tents. . . several styles

2. Stove(s) (spare regulators, hoses, etc.)

3. Tarp (large) with rope and pegs for dining fly

4. Lantern(s) (spare mantels, etc.)

5. Tarps (small) for emergency shelter

5. Cooking equipment (pots, pans, utensils, etc.)

6. Ropes. . . several lengths & sizes

7. Coolers. . .  water jugs, food coolers

8. Cub Car Track

9. Games. . .  

We have equipment for all Sections of Scouting programs and especially Camping

We will be happy to donate lots of our slightly used scouting equipment to many other Scout groups in the Toronto area.