Christmas Trees

All funds are used to support activities for the Beavers, Cubs & Scouts!

Order Your 132nd Christmas Tree NOW

All orders will be taken on-line

Due to Covid - Pickup by appointment only - Delivery Closed off.

  • Friday Dec 4 to Saturday Dec 5 at the Church parking lot

  • Delivery, we are closing the Delivery option today,

    • Further, due to recent Covid conditions, we will be asking anyone, who has asked for delivery to consider picking up their trees themselves.

  • Due to Timing, we expect that most the Trees Pickups will need to be Saturday. You will be contacted

Ordering Your Christmas Tree

  • We will STOP talking Orders Nov 29th.

  • Orders may be placed immediately by:

  • Clicking the Order Form Button to the left on this page

  • All orders must be pre-paid

  • All Trees are picked up by Appointment - you will be called or emailed to confirm a time slot

  • We will not be unwrapping the Trees

  • Please come prepared to "Tie your Tree"to your car, yourselves, as we have been asked to limit this activity as much as possible.

132nd Scout Group

Serving Leaside since 1946

Scouter John takes special care of all your Christmas tree funds

All the trees are the "same size" and we will not be unwrapping the Trees! But we will happily trim the bottom, if you wish

We are part of Scouts Canada

At your APPOINTED TIME - Come to the Leaside Presbyterian Church parking lot to pick up your Tree- 670 Eglinton Ave East, Toronto, Canada M4G 2K4

Although all the trees are the "same size - 6 to 8 ft" and we will not be unwrapping the Trees, you can make a selection from those available, at your Pick up Time.

Picking a Tree

(pre Covid)

Yes, in the olden days you could spend lots of time. Mulling over which tree, big, small, wide, narrow ............

Hmmm. which one

This year for simplicity, we are offering only one size category - Fraser Fir - 6 to 8 ft.

There will still be some differences

Triming the bottom

We are not unwrapping the Trees, when you pick up your tree... BUT, If you want we will happily trim the bottom for fresh watering base

Christmas Trees & Tree Planting

We also use some of the Funds from the Christmas Tree fundraiser, injunction with the TD FEF organization to plan and fund our Bi-Annual Tree Planting events, held at Seton Woods, by the Forks of the Don. (Don Mills Rd & Don Valley Parkway)