2022 Impact Statement 

Seton Wood/Taylor Creek Park Stewardship Project - 2022 Impact Statement

Project Description

This ongoing forestry planting project is a continuation of the Tree Stewardship program originally initiated by the 132nd Scout Group in 1999. It has run every year for 22 years. The Stewardship program is now jointly supported by the 132nd.Toronto Scout Group, the Kiwanis Club of East York, and most recently, the Tl Group (a Thorncliffe based printing company). The Toronto area Kiwanis Key Clubs (Kiwanis youth Clubs in high schools) including Marc Garneau CI, AY Jackson SS, Parkdale, Martingrove & Harbord Collegiate, have been a major source of volunteers over the last six years of Tree Plantings events, especially in 2022. 

This stewardship project has aimed to plant over 250 plants annually and always integrate salt-resistant tree species close to the Don Valley Parkway and high-quality species further away. Each year the strategy of mulching and fertilizing all new trees and previously planted trees is used. We have observed that this mulching is highly effective.


Impact Statement Update:

During the main Covid period (2020-2021) we were unable to organize a Tree Planting event. Fortunately, during 2022, things opened up and we were able to use our funding to run two Tree Planting days in the Taylor Creek Park area.

These two events, held on May 15th and Nov 5th 2022, were both focused on Stewardship Education as our main workforce were Kiwanis Key Club members (high school students). We had approximately 40 to 60 Key Clubbers at each event. We had about 75 participants at the May 14th event and 65 plus on Nov 5th. In addition, the Spring planting had a stronger Scout family involvement and the Fall event we had participation from higher numbers of first-time adult Kiwanis Members at a tree planting.

In both events we had a variety of trees, shrubs, and herbs (about 160 plants in each event) and specific stewardship activities; mulching, careful spreading of cut logs for wildlife habitats and removing Invasive species.

So, across the two events we had:

From a different perspective: Scouts (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts) and their parents made up a total of 45 participants. 

All participants were involved in environmental stewardship activities because of the way we organized the day. 

Photo Gallery of May 15th and Nov 5th 2022 Tree Planting Events

To All Participants in the 2022 Tree Planting events  - A Big Thank your support and Hard Work