Tree Planting

Thank  you everyone for a great Nov 5th - The 2nd Tree Planting Event of 2023 (Changed from Nov 4th)

And we had 2 Big Tree Planting Events in 2022 - after 2 Years Away

Photo Album on Impact Statement page

"Thinking Globally - Acting Locally "

watch Two of our Scouts go into action: Thinking Globally - Acting Locally 

Watch the Story behind our Annual Tree Stewardship at 132nd Scouts. (Ok maybe a little bit of fun)

A little Video History of the Seton Woods Stewardship Project

In 1999, The Tiger Patrol Scouts @ the 132nd Scouts wanted to achieve their World Conservation Badge and laid out several issues that they wanted to address in the project. 

2018-Nov 11 Fall Tree Planting - Scouts & Key Clubbers_Small.mp4

Fall of 2018 - 

Always A Great Day for Tree Stewardship

Despite what the TV meteorologists  might say!

WoodChips - WoodChips

We worked with local contractors to dump their wood chips (over several years) on our barren meadow.