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Seton Woods - Trees Planting & Wildflowers




Seton Woods Stewardship Hike and Project Review - 2019 - June 8th, 1 pm - 3 pm

Please come join on a Tree and Wildflower Stewardship Hike and Work Day through Seton Woods on June 8th 1:00 pm

  • The event will start at 1 pm and run until about 2:30 or 3 pm
  • There will be a large educational component to the day, plus some hands-on work
  • We have been providing conservation and stewardship to this area for 20 years now, this year we get the opportunity to step back and look at our volunteer work in this area
  • We will all carry in our own equipment
  • Stephen Smith of Ufora will conduct the presentation and detail what work he wants us to do
  • The activity will be offered all the usual participants (Scouts and Kiwanis groups)
  • High School students will gain 2 to 3 hours of community service.


We will once again attend to our  "Urban Forest Stewardship Project"

A project we have called Seton Woods since it started in 1999
Steve Smith (our tree arborist) has planned the following for this year:

  • "We’ll continue planting our barrier of trees and shrubs along the DVP fence this year, and will start to work on getting the centre of the site ready for more wildflower plantings over the rest of the season. 
  • Special attention to be paid to wildflower patch cleared last year
  • We can also take care of trees planted before, and do extra mulching, digging invasive shrubs and other related conservation work."

We welcome families & all community-minded participants.

Brief History:

The Stewardship One Project was started as a World Conservation project for the Tiger Patrol who were on a quest to achieve their Chief Scout's Award back in 1999. This was achieved and they were very successfully in the first year.
The intent of the Stewardship One Project built on many discussions that had come up at our group committee and among the scout leaders.  

These discussions voiced the concern that prior similar projects were too narrow in focus and were often frustrating to the participants in terms of really solving a long-term problem.

You’re invited: Come Help 

At the "Seton Woods" Tree Planting Site – in Taylor Creek Park 

(Weather Permitting)

Located at the west of Taylor Creek Park,
Up the hill from the parking lot.

Turn east off Don Mills Rd. Just north of the Don Valley Parkway underpass. Follow the road around under the bridge and into the parking lot.

Mission and General Plan To Foster, Plan and Maintain a natural urban forest/vegetation environment area within easy reach of the 132nd Scouts and Cubs. This is so that they will be able to participate in and obverse over an extended period of time the value of properly maintained forest vegetation environment.

Sponsorship Announcement

We would like to thank the Toronto Dominion Bank and its generous support of this event through the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation over years, http://www.td.com/fef/. This year we welcome the Boston Consulting Group Green Team into our sponsorship team.

Event Flyers
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2017 Fall Tree Planting Day
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2017 Spring Forest Meadow Prep Day
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2009-2010 Planting Day
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2003 Planting Day
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 A little Video History of the Seton Woods Stewardship Project

In 1999, The Tiger Patrol @ the 132nd Scouts, laid out several issues that they wanted to address in the project. 
 These leaders presented the idea of a "Seton Wood". The simple idea was that the scouts, as they moved through the sections, would more deeply appreciate their efforts if they could see a greater degree of success over an extended period of time.


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